Using the Sicilian passion for food, Totally Gluten Free Products has worked to bring taste and excitement to the Coeliac diet! Developed for both retail and wholesale, the range of Totally Gluten Free products is always growing, however bread and dough replacements are a specialty. Traditional pizza bases and versatile dry mixes are all suitable for the Coeliac diet but unlike many other products on the market, even the true gourmand will struggle to taste the difference from standard, gluten offerings.

Customers of Totally Gluten Free Products aren’t just clients – in the true Italian style, they’re family! Palmira is committed to sharing her successful approach to managing Coeliac’s disease but also to encouraging others to help each other.

Meet Palmira Rigoli, founder of TGFP

After being diagnosed with Coeliac’s disease in 2003, Totally Gluten Free Products founder and director, Palmira Rigoli, brought her belief in fresh, healthy and inexpensive ingredients to her new problem – and found solutions that helped a lot of others in the community too! Palmira arrived in Australia at age 18 to make it her home after growing up in Sicily. She had always had an interest in cooking and experimenting with ingredients.


“Back in 2003, I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease but instead of focusing on the negatives of the situation, I chose to turn it into a positive one.

I published my first gluten-free cookbook in 2005, titled Gluten Free Traditional Italian Cuisine, which has now been reprinted several times over. Following the great response to my first book and the growing demand for gluten-free recipes, the Gluten Free Italian Cookbook was launched only two years later! A revised edition was published in 2010, including recipes suitable for a variety of dietary needs, Totally Gluten Free.

I’ve learnt so much from all of you on my journey as a Coeliac so far, and I hope to be able to give back in a way that the whole family can benefit from. Without the support of my clients and their belief in my products, I wouldn’t be in a position to share this with you – I thank you very much and am pleased to continue bringing you new, time & cost-effective ways of having a healthy lifestyle through this website, our social media channels and our newsletters.”

Palmira’s philosophy is that with such an abundance of delicious, fresh foods available, you should be able to create wonderful, healthy food at little cost – eating and enjoying good food while keeping to a budget and looking after you and your family’s health.

A busy mum of three, Palmira is dedicated to growing her business to bring beautiful food to every table regardless of dietary restrictions. . This has included demonstrating gluten-free cooking to a variety of audiences, something she says has been the most enjoyable experience – meeting customers and hearing their stories. “Your support and ideas have meant so much and I treasure each and every encounter”. She continually experiments to improve her products and develop new products and is always looking for ways to share her journey with others.

Requests for interviews or demonstrations can be made directly to Palmira
via our contact page.

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